Rising House rebuilds and races the Scirocco Mk1

Mclaren Orange 81 Scirocco
Audi 5k throttle body, 80 mm air flow meter, GTI 1.8 solid lifter head, 2.2 VW block,
coil over threaded body shocks, GTI 16V rear disk brakes / GTI vented front disks.








Giagiaro's "folded paper" design on Sciroccos and Simca Bertone coupe;
Brooks Stevens' design on 71 Jeepster.


Scirocco Gallery

1980 Scirocco


Corrado wheels with custom caps


Plastic parts removed


Performance of a Lotus Elise on an A-1 chassis. 160 hp with 1800 lbs. of weight.


Blue 77 Scirocco
Dual 44 Webers, Oettinger 8V head / 1781 block, GTI f/r suspension and brakes, 4k gearbox, Audi bumpers

Solex 2 barrel, GTI suspension / Gearbox / engine / brakes, Scirocco S Seats.


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